My Sony Ericsson MW-600 (Hi-Fi Wireless Headset with FM Radio) Review

I recently ordered a Sony Ericsson MW-600, Hi-Fi Wireless Headset with FM Radio from It all started with my Samsung phone’s original earphones getting spoilt for the nth time.  I have seriously had enough of buying a pair of new earphones, using them for a few months and then buying another pair as mine almost always get spoilt in a few months or so. This time, I thought about going for a headset that has less of wires and is basically wireless and that is how I stumbled upon the MW-600! IMG_3340 It’s a good product as it not only is a Bluetooth headset but has an inbuilt FM radio. It also has various controls to increase/decrease volume, change between songs, forward/rewind and a screen that displays the name of the song being played/the radio frequency/the number calling. The volume control is via a touch pad which has to be swiped up or down to make changes to the volume, just pressing one end of it won’t work. I have a few complaints about the product though, the screen does not display the name of the contact calling which makes it tougher to understand who is calling (since not everyone remembers all the phone numbers well), also the headset seems to be hanging at times, I don’t know if that’s because of some other reasons or because of some issues with my device but it gets frustrating sometimes. Also, although I read in one of the reviews that the device’s bluetooth reception is amazing and it catches signal even when it’s at quite a distance from the phone that’s not the case with my headset. The music reception isn’t smooth if I leave and go to another room (and believe me when I say that my house is pretty small). And there is a possibility that the volume might get altered by mistake as the volume control pad is touch based. I’m also unable to use the voice commands via the device but that I’m assuming is probably because it doesn’t understand my Indian accent. The device comes along with a Sony Ericsson charger, a pair of headphones, the main bluetooth receptor and 3 pairs of earbuds (1 pair is already there on the headset). A manual to help you out with the device also comes along with the headset. MW-600 I’m still in the process of discovering the various features and how well they work in this device as it’s been a couple of days since I received them but this has been my experience with them until now. They are a little expensive, priced at around 3k but if you’re bugged with changing  earphones every other month, I think they make a pretty decent buy. I’d rate this product 3.5/5 Do you own the MW-600 headset? If yes, let me know what your experience has been with this so far 🙂


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