Rahul Dravid – A Cricketing Legend

I used to be an avid follower of Cricket once upon a time. Would see matches even if they happened during my exams, would feel elated when I got a chance to see them live and even cry bitterly when India was losing and performing miserable on field.

I particularly remember this one day when India was going to play against Australia at Vadodara (where I used to stay) in 2007. I didn’t go to school that day, just so I could stay home and watch the match (wasn’t able to get the tickets and was pretty upset about that). India played miserable that day and were all out for 148 in 39.4 overs, which really broke my heart. I have had so many trysts with cricket and always was very emotional about the game. The one person that particularly made me so is Rahul Dravid.


The jersey no. 19 player has always been a star in his own way. Not only is he a great cricketer, he is an amazing person. It’s sad when I see the cricket crazy country of ours – India and realise how he always ended up getting overshadowed by one cricketing great or the other. It was always something that someone else did which took away his “thunder”. The public never fully gave him all the love and respect he deserved and instead showered all their affection on others like Sachin Tendulkar.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Tendulkar but I definitely feel somewhat slighted by the fact that as Dravid bid goodbye to T20 cricket, Tendulkar had to do the same at the same time coz obviously now people will only talk about him! Most of the articles in newspapers I see are all about Tendulkar and how India has lost a great player. I agree, no doubt. But what about Dravid? Infact, a few days back the newspaper I follow was completely full of articles about Sachin but there was not a single mention about Dravid anywhere.

It’s sad when people forget the magnificence of a person just because they’re busy looking in awe in the other direction at someone else and because the person in question never really fought for the fame and glory he clearly deserved. If you ask me, both of them should be given credit for being cricketing greats. Both of them should be praised for their techniques, their cricketing shot choices and their strategies. But it seems clear that in this country where cricket is followed so intensely that calling it a religion in itself will not be totally wrong, people choose to look up to and fanatically follow only a few of those who deserve it. I guess the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is true, afterall…

Dravid’s been one of the very few players from the cricketing world who has truly impressed me with his amazing strokes and his down to earth persona. It’s sad to see him go but then I also understand that nothing lasts forever and he obviously has to move on. This blog post is my little attempt to pay this cricketing legend a tribute! Cricket was what it was because of you, Dravid and even though many people might not clearly portray so but they definitely are going to miss you.

Rahul Dravid


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