We are one..

First of all, Eid Mubarak to all. I hope God blesses all of you with a lot of love and prosperity on this auspicious day. The Bakr-Id festival that is going to be celebrated tomorrow made me do a little research about it’s significance and how it came into being.


For all of you who don’t know, the story is believed to go like this – Allah (God) decided to test the prophet Abraham’s faith and commanded him to sacrifice his one dearest possession, his only son – Ishmael. Abraham followed God’s orders but his son was replaced by a sheep at the very last moment. The willingness of the prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son for God is celebrated on this day and is known as the Festival of Sacrifice.

Now, when I was telling my sister about this story she pointed out on how long back we had a similar story in the Holy Bible. Both the stories are exactly the same and this one is popularly known as the Binding of Isaac. The similarities are so much that after reading them, one comes to the conclusion that they must have had a common origin which is not surprising, honestly. I believe that all religions are actually the same with a few changes here and there coz we anyway are from the same mother and father, aren’t we?

Have you ever played Chinese Whispers? Remember how in itthe message whispered by one person to another and consequently through a line of people ends up in changes at the end. The original message is often not the same anymore but each message differs from one another. This is how I imagine the different religions came into being. The parents one day told about the story of the God to their many children and each interpreted it his/her own way so basically they’re all the same with the same core message to mankind but in different words.

hands-on-world1 (1)

When there is so much in common between us all one wonders, why is it so tough then to accept each other’s beliefs and instead fight with your own siblings? Why let your ego in the way and let it strangle the love we have inside us? Shouldn’t we live in complete harmony and reverence with others in the world – the way most of us live with our family – our sons, daughters, wives, mothers, fathers etc.? Something to ponder about and implement in our day to day lives. Love each other as they are your own. I am working towards this, hope you will too. One day we all will succeed and there will be no war, no enmity, no violence – nothing! All that will be in it’s place will be love – ever blooming and ever lasting.


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