Happy Diwali beloved folks!

Long ago, I had read somewhere that the Hindu’s festival Diwali has “Ali” and the Muslims’ Ramzan has “Ram” present in their names. I wonder why we fight then.. We’re all the same aren’t we? 🙂

With the festival of lights – Diwali tomorrow, I wish you all a joyous year full of prosperity and happiness ahead. Have a great time with your friends and family and unwind from the daily grind of madness that awaits you once you return to your routine. And yes, do yourself a favour tomorrow, don’t think about it all!


Now, I know you might be planning to have fun these holidays.. but incase it’s even minutely related to spoiling the world and the environment in any way, stop and think about whether you really need to do it before you indulge… Do you really need crackers to have fun? Can’t you have an equal amount of fun sitting in the prayer room and singing songs with your family instead? Do you need to burst those extremely loud bombs that are available nowadays in the market? When you are caught up with what are your actual views about this question, try and fast forward your life to the times when – the sweet and adorable little baby at your place gets disturbed by the loud noises; you are really sick and need to rest but can’t as there are loud crackers bursting right outside the entrance to your house or years later, you are old and weak but the loud crackers don’t let you relax even for a minute.

You all know how the world is going through a terrible time and how much it needs your support. There are things like global warming, poverty, unemployment, child abuse etc. all eating up its soul. So at times like these, why don’t we do something that will benefit this world in the coming year? Even simple acts like giving away the old clothes that we don’t wear anymore to the poor, planting trees on our birthday, not burning leaves that we find in and about the house and making a compost pit for them instead – All of this put together will help in a big way!

Don’t throw garbage on the road or anywhere else other than in the dustbin, don’t allow the trees around you to be cut unless it is absolutely necessary (in which case, the people who are cutting trees should be made to plant an equal amount of trees some place else), have less kids (to ensure that you can fend for them and educate them well and also to make sure that the population of India that is already booming gets restricted). Believe it or not, the large number of people in India is the biggest reason for every issue that India is facing today, right from unemployment, pollution and poverty, it affects everything directly or indirectly. Even the garbage that you see in every road in India is because of this fact. I’m not saying that a country with a huge population can not be clean, no… Morals and good education is equally necessary and might help in keeping the society clean from all kinds of garbage. But definitely, with the limited number of resources and space, the country can’t provide good enough education to people (even educated people act like they’ve never gone to school and seen dustbins sometimes).

I remember a few incidents that happened in my life that portray this fact rather well. A few years ago, a bunch of students had gone to Kerala (India) from my college, I was a part of it too. Throughout the trip, my friends and classmates would buy things and throw the packaging on the ground – eat a candy and throw the wrapper inside the train we were travelling on, the chips packet outside from a moving bus and bottles of soft drinks near the river we’d just visited. I would tell them every time to not do so (but you know how everyone often finds such people extremely bugging coz they’re telling them just how wrong they are!?) and often had to keep the crap in my bag after taking it from them as they’d refuse to keep it with them! By the end of the journey, people (even friends) would get their garbage to me to keep after they were done eating/drinking. No, they did not throw it in dustbins and learn good manners… But they would give it to me to keep instead.

Even when I travel by the local trains in Mumbai, I see people throwing stuff out of the moving train everyday! Especially as soon as the train reaches the bridge that is built over a creek on the way from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai, people get enthusiastic about throwing stuff out into the sea! They run to the doors with plastic bags filled with flowers and what not in their hands and toss them into the waters.

Why is it so tough for us to stick to good behaviour? Not dirty our environment, be respectful to people, have good thoughts and stop using plastic bags, join an NGO and do something that will help the society instead? It’ll make you feel so good, trust me. Helping people and the world is the best thing you can do with your life and you will be a hero if you do it well. Stick to good ideals and teach your kids to do so too. Not only will you then be a good mother/father/son/daughter/friend/lover… You will be a great human being and a worthy citizen of the world.

P.S. Have a great Diwali. Say no to crackers and stay safe! ❤



2 thoughts on “Happy Diwali beloved folks!

  1. I completely agree with your views Saumya… Very well put… I myself had stopped bursting crackers since eighth grade… Also I’m extremely against littering… It breaks my heart when I see people spitting and littering… Also I’m reading Dan Brown’s inferno now… And there’s a theory that comes across the book about over population… How there will be about 9 billion people on earth and how little the resources would be to support the massive number… The results very catastrophic… I’m convinced that we’re heading towards a doom… It’s just a matter of time… I don’t think we can avoid it but all we can do is postpone it… That too if we stop taking nature for granted…


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