Yes.. I’m guilty!

My aunt has always been someone I’ve had a lot of arguments with, ever since the time I was a little kid. Earlier, the arguments used to be about trivial things like who is better – Sachin or Dravid (If you’ve been following this blog and have read my previous posts, you wouldn’t need to guess who I supported). But recently, things have become more serious…

My aunt has always been quite stubborn about her views and often starts discussions about things that we might not have the same views about. I often stop reacting in such times to make sure that things don’t get out of control but more often than not that doesn’t help either as she keeps prodding and saying things I completely disagree with to see how I react.

Now it all began with my sister being in a relationship with someone my family isn’t fond of and my aunt currently being on the lookout for a wife for her son. This initially led to a serving of the age old argument of love vs arranged marriages as main course along with a careful and good enough sprinkling of how the wife should take care of her husband and adjust to his family as dessert (I enjoyed neither). This is where my sister and I voiced our disagreement and said that both the genders were equal.

Now news is, my aunt thinks we’re stubborn brats who have wrong notions about life and are feminists. And I am for the latter, definitely guilty as charged! In this world where women aren’t treated as equals by the society, if being a feminist and fighting for equality is a crime. Yes, I’m guilty.


I have always been very vocal about the fact that everyone has different opinions and as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else in a negative way, they’re free to carry on with their beliefs and do as they please.  But when people start forcing their thoughts and beliefs onto others, this is exactly when I don’t think it is alright.

My aunt might be right in many things in life and she’s completely free to believe what she wants. I will never expect her to change nor do I want her to. Everyone is unique and amazing in their own little ways.

The only thing I’ve never understood is why people vary their opinions at will. She has herself had a love marriage, she didn’t like the idea of arranged marriages when she was young but now coz she’s arranging one for her son, the latter kind have all of a sudden become better than the former kind! She thinks our father is to blame for our feminist thoughts as “supposedly” he wanted a son instead of a daughter (note the the quotes). I think the society is to blame and not only my father but she as well is a part of it. And I’m definitely not ashamed to be one. Why should I be? What’s wrong in fighting for what is right? I wonder why women are often their fellow women’s worst enemies… This is something I’ll probably never figure out. But I know one thing for sure, I’ll never be this way with another woman rather with a fellow living thing (animals included).

P.S. I’ll always respect my aunt even if she points fingers and calls me crazy, but I’m never going to stop standing up for what is right.


What is that one thing that bothers you the most? Let me know in the comments section. Be it bossy people, stupidity, pollution, violence or ill treatment to animals – feel free to share!


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