My first experience of a Christian wedding..

I recently attended an amazing Christian wedding in a city I have distant yet fond memories of visiting as a kid πŸ™‚ It is also famously known as the city of nawabs (royals).. If you haven’t guessed its name right yet, that’d be Lucknow!


The city in itself was a big disappointment what with a number of cable wires hanging alongside almost every road and dirt strewn everywhere ( P.S. Don’t let this pic fool you!). But this disappointment was made up by the fact that I got to attend a christian wedding for the very first time in my life, something I’d always wanted to do.

Our family friend’s son was getting married to his sweetheart on the 30th of October at the Lal Baug Methodist Church. The church was beautifully decorated in hues of lavender and white and all the decorations put together painted a really pretty picture indeed.


My sister and I were in charge of the wedding favours that we had to welcome the guests with. They were adorable tiny lavender coloured fake roses with white ribbons tied at the end in the shape of a bow.


The entire ceremony was awesome with the pastor describing what a marriage is and how it should be. He spoke about god and love to the attendees.. It was a unique experience and something I’ll cherish all my life πŸ™‚

After the wedding, all the guests proceeded to a hotel for the reception party. The cake served was delicious and tasted something like the Christmas plum cake that I absolutely adore.


There was an interesting ritual that took place as well, which was the tossing of the bridal bouquet. All the eligible women were made to stand in a line behind the bride (no, I refused to be a part of it :P). It is believed thatΒ as the bride tosses the bouquet over her head whoever catches it, will be the next in line to get married.


After a failed attempt (in which the bouquet landed on the floor), the bridesmaid finally caught it as the guests clapped and cheered πŸ˜€


The entire event was a wonderful experience and something I was lucky enough to be a part of πŸ™‚ Have you ever attended any weddings that really made your day/month/year/life? πŸ˜› Do share, I’d love to hear your experiences ❀


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