Beginning of a new journey..

I’m sorry for being MIA since so long.. was caught up with examinations and then travelling. I have been planning to start a chocolate business since quite sometime now πŸ™‚ So as part of the process, I have been experimenting with chocolates a lot lately. I just thought of sharing a few shots of the chocolates I made today. They’re peppermint flavoured and have a generous dose of roasted almonds, walnuts and cranberries in them (a lot of nuts, I know πŸ˜› but I love them, so.. :D). I’ll let you guys know once my business is up and running (which should be soon). The best part about today’s session was Dad helped make these awesome things. I don’t even remember when I last cooked/made anything with Dad so this just made the cooking process all the more special.

Anyway, you can check out a few of the shots of the chocolates below (Really sorry for the poor image quality, the cam I generally use is with my sister in a different city 😦 I will try to update this post later on with better pictures).

chocolates chocolates2

Which flavour do you prefer when it comes to chocolates? Let me know πŸ™‚ I’ll try to incorporate your choices when I make chocolates next & decide on which flavours to offer!


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