Live and Let Live!

Everyone who has heard about the Supreme court’s verdict on Section 377 in India has an opinion of their own about the issue. Some are against it, some are not concerned and some surprisingly and disturbingly are very happy with the ruling and are passing brainless and extremely crappy comments about the same.


As soon as you search online for articles related to the issue you find loads of them at the end of each one of which there are loads of comments that promise to leave you flabbergasted, especially if you are a human being because if you aren’t, chances are one of those comments might belong to you!

So what is Section 377? According to Wikipedia, “Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code dating back to 1861, introduced during the British rule of India, criminalises sexual activities “against the order of nature”, including homosexual acts”. This entire judgement that took place on 11th December this year basically targets the people of the LGBT community and is branding them as criminals. This is disgusting and instead of moving forward to a better future where there is happiness, equality, peace et al, India has successfully managed to take a step backwards. If that is what the government and the higher officials of the court were planning to do, then I must really congratulate them because they have succeeded in their endeavour.

But I also really want to ask them who gave them the right to control people and tell them how to live their lives? I have read many comments on stupid youtube videos and articles where people have even gone to the extent of saying that homosexual people are worse than rapists and murderers.. I mean, excuse me! Are you even listening to yourself? You make no sense at all and there are many reasons for it. Allow me to explain them to you. First of all, homosexual people are not taking anyone’s lives or causing any kind of harm to anyone – physical, mental, sexual, whatever.. whereas murderers do just the opposite. If two consenting adults indulge in sexual activities, no matter what their gender is, you have absolutely NO right to judge them, control them and behave like a know-it-all dictator. If you have issues with something, don’t indulge in the activity, but DO NOT ask others to do what you want them to do.

Violation of human rights is something noone should treat as a joke and a serious offence that has unfortunately happened in this country. It’s a shame that some people think homosexuality is a disease that can be cured and what not! Thoughts such as these only prove how ignorant and dumb you are, so please meditate, think about your own life and mind your own business.

If you go to the Khajuraho temples in India, you will see sculptures actually depicting homosexual activities so when I read comments saying how homosexuality is against our culture, tradition, religion and what not, I couldn’t help but feel how illogical these statements were!

Could this country which does not consider marital rape an offence but considers homosexual acts a crime go any more wrong? Frankly, I don’t think so. Everyone has a right to live and instead of passing crappy judgements like this the supreme court should pay more attention and work towards solving issues like rapes (including marital ones), murders and other crimes that are actually crimes in the real sense!

If you still don’t get how screwed up this country is becoming with every passing day, do check out this stupid video and read some of the comments that people have left on it.

(For all the people who don’t understand Hindi, the guy in the video is basically saying that the west is to be blamed for homosexuality to be present in India. According to him, people in the west are always on the lookout for bodily satisfaction whereas in India people are in constant search of Moksha (enlightenment)).

One doesn’t have to be a member of the LGBT community to realise how wrong this judgement is. All you need to be instead is someone who has a heart!

Do let me know your opinions on this judgement and please do sign this petition – It does not feel like this country is a democracy anymore.


4 thoughts on “Live and Let Live!

  1. HaHaHa… India has ancient temples depicting homosexuality. The British (The people from west) come and pass a law against homosexuality. And then people blame the westerners for bringing it to the country in the first place. What’s the logic here? 😀
    Loved the article!


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