My super-awesome life!!

This is an old poem that I’d written in 2010.. I thought I’d share this with you all today 🙂

A young man once came up to me,
And asked me all smug,
Have you ever killed a frog?
Or eaten a live bug?

I watched him fascinated,
And gaped at him so long,
He must have thought I saw a ghost,
Or was a lunatic all along.

Said I, “ In my life, dear fella,
I have done pretty crazy things,
I fought with a tiger once,
And bit a butterfly’s wings!!

I pranced around in the fire,
But suffered not a burn, did I!
Once hired a detective too,
To on a robot, Spy..

Killing a frog or eating a bug,
are oh, so frugal things!!
I have killed and eaten a fellowman once,
Under Jupiter’s very rings..”


He looked at me with horror,
As I continued to rant,
About how I had married and fled,
With my very mother’s aunt.

I swaggered around the garden,
And pulled my hair real hard,
I caught him looking at me,
Like I was a runaway retard.

My appetite for entertainment,
Had not yet died out,
So I caught a branch of a tree,
And gave out a real loud shout.

I told him I used to be Tarzan,
Till I planned to drop the name,
After all this madness, he was sure,
to not want to see me again.

When I wasn’t even half way through,
My excited description of life,
He started his sprinting away from me,
Sensing that I was with exhilaration, rife.

My dear little boy in the process,
Missed the best part of the show,
I had a passion to make people flee,
And trap them in nets if they go.

I exercised my passion on him too,
He wasn’t no exception,
I left him crying out for help,
As freeing them was never my intention.

Now I am searching for another catch,
A fool who will be trapped,
Who, when I speak and rant and sing,
Will listen absolutely rapt.

P.S. Let me know how you find it.. 🙂 Hope you all are having an amazing 2014. I just got back from an amazing trip to Goa, will blog about it soon.


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