The Silhouette

Today being Valentine’s day, this post (another previously written poem) is dedicated to friendship (for not all love is between lovers 😉 )


I was singing in the foyer,
when I heard a voice sing along,
it sang alongside me,
and joined me in my song.

I was painting in the alley,
When a volley of paint fell on me,
I saw another someone,
Standing, and painting beside me.

I was reading words of wisdom,
When I felt the thoughts touch,
Not just mine but another’s soul too,
During the silent peaceful dusk.

I sat crying on my chair,
One sad lonely night,
I sensed a hand wipe my tears,
And free me of my plight.

I laughed and jumped across the field,
With the sun streaming through the cloud,
And then I heard someone else’s laugh,
Joining me, clear and loud.

I lay on my bed with billion thoughts,
Galloping away in my mind,
I perceived the presence of someone,
Who was lying not far behind.

I decided to search for this someone,
And encountered him, face to face,
Someone who always walked beside me,
No matter how slow was my pace.

I realized how I always had,
a friend to see me through,
And then I was grateful, when it dawned,
upon me that, “Thank god, that friend is YOU”.

P.S. I have been busy with some work lately. Will post an article that was to go live long back in a few days.

Love to all 🙂


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