Goa – The name says it all. Beaches, Forts, churches, fun , shopping and alcohol (not necessarily in that order but booze is definitely last on my list coz I am a teetotaller :P) I had gone there for 4 days with a group of friends and needless to say the trip was a lot of fun.

This blog post is going to be extremely photo heavy because I don’t think Goa’s beauty can be easily described without photographs. Photos capture the core essence of a place well so a travel post without photos seems meaningless to me.


To begin with, the bus ride from Mumbai to Mapusa wasn’t exactly awesome especially as we were aboard a sleeper bus and the window near my seat kept opening from time to time. Considering it was a night journey, this was extremely irritating. So, after not being able to sleep the entire night, we reached Mapusa by around 6 am. There were 11 of us and so we caught three cabs to reach the houses we’d pre booked earlier.

Shortly after reaching the place we discovered there were bed bugs all over the place and we had to move out after staying there for an hour. Thankfully one of our friends (let’s call her Miss A for the purpose of this blog post), knew about another available accommodation. We called up the owner of the place and checked out the house. The place was amazing and extremely well kept. Thank god we had left the previous house and come over here 🙂

We stayed put at Calungute for the entire duration and rented scooters to roam around the place (Cost – Rs. 250 per scooter per day, fuel extra).


The trip was fun and we visited 4 beaches in all there – Baga,  Calungute, Anjuna and Mandrem.

IMG_7702 IMG_7703 IMG_7651 IMG_7225

We saw this sand sculpture at Calungute beach. Isn’t it just marvellous?

Sand art at Calungute Beach…

Other than this, visiting the Saturday night market was a good experience as well, there was so much colour and vibrancy in the place, it was mesmerizing! If you plan to visit Goa, try and keep a Saturday night free for a visit to this market. You will have to bargain a lot if you wish to buy anything from here though. Reduce the price by around a factor of 5 and bargain before finalising on a purchase.






The beaches are beautiful, I’ve heard Vagator is extremely pretty and peaceful but we couldn’t go there due to shortage of time 😦 Hopefully, I’ll get to go there soon..

Parasailing at Baga Beach

We went to indulge in water sports at Baga Beach on the second last day of our visit. My wish to go para sailing finally got fulfilled! Had been wanting to do it since so long… The experience was worth every penny I had to part with 🙂 It costs Rs. 600 for regular para sailing and 300 rupees extra which makes it Rs.900 for the deep experience. My suggestion to you would be to go for the deep para sailing experience as although you have to pay a little more, it’s way more enjoyable.

In the regular one, you’ll only get to stay up in the air for around 5 minutes while in the deep one you stay up for almost 15 minutes and also get thrown into the sea water at regular intervals, which is super fun! 😀 We were also given an option to get off the boat once we reached the deep waters. We had to pay Rs.100 more for this (and yes, you guessed it right – I got off the boat for this! :D) This was an amazing experience as well.

Parasailing at Baga Beach

It’s wrong when people say Goa is all about booze, coz it’s about so much more! We missed out on churches in this visit (Hopefully I’ll make up for that soon) but the trip was fun nonetheless. Sea + friends + beaches + new experiences + long bike rides = perfect holiday…


Have you visited Goa? What is your absolute must do when on your visit there? Apart from guzzling bottles and bottles of alcohol I mean 😛



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