Pappu-G and his antics!

Everyone loves entertainment, who doesn’t? And when Rahul Gandhi or Pappu-G, as he is popularly known (Pappu is sort of a synonym for someone who is stupid), walked into our lives this Indian election season, we got loads of it! And needless to say, we obviously welcomed all of it with open arms.


From funny dialogues that make no sense to confusing terms like rape with corruption in one of his speeches, he has definitely proved to us all how well suited he is to take up stand up comedy as a profession. I truly believe Mr. Gandhi has unfortunately entered the wrong profession and should make a switch as soon as possible.

Pappu-G, the son of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and the grandson of Mrs. Indira Gandhi sometimes seems no less than a superhero. He is the only person who I think can claim that “this morning I woke up at night”. Also, with replies on how important women empowerment is to almost all questions that he faces, he time and again proves how extremely determined he is to the task at hand (who cares if the question is not even minutely related to what he is saying).

Pappu-G has got one hell of a comic timing and can easily make you laugh like crazy and forget all your troubles. He even claimed in one of his speeches that everyone fights “name fights”, do you even know what that means? :O

If you want to have a good laugh, do give this video a watch here!

For all of you who don’t know Hindi, I really tried to search for a video that was translated in English or had English captions, but unfortunately couldn’t find any 😦 Incase you really want to find out what he’s saying at any particular point, do leave a message, I’ll translate the video for you!

For all of you in India, what do you think of Pappu-G? Don’t you think he should change his profession as soon as possible so that we get the joy of laughing at his jokes all the more often? I really hope he does so soon because he is a born talent and seeing talent that is not being made full use of is definitely heartbreaking </3


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