Goodbye Dehradun

We’re moving out from Dehradun today and going back to Baroda πŸ™‚ Needless to say, I’ll miss the beautiful garden and the big house that we used to live in here but I’m looking forward to meeting my friends and shifting nonetheless.


I’ve done most of my schooling in Baroda and stayed there for 11 years which is probably why I’m so in love with the city. I’d get to meet my best friend there as well and hopefully get to visit my old school while reliving all the many memories I have connected with the place.

It’ll also be nice to see how much the city has changed over the years and of course eat Vishal Sandwiches’ cheese samosa sandwich and Goodies’ goodies πŸ˜›

Have you ever stayed at or visited Baroda? What do you think I should definitely try out in terms of food and do you know of any good getaways near the place? πŸ˜€
P.S. I’ll be back soon with a blog post that I’ve written quite sometime back but which is lying in the drafts folder since quite sometime coz of some issue I can’t correct via my phone (Don’t have internet access on my computer for now, thanks to the shifting and all) 😦


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