Jenny and her ‘friends’

Sorry for being MIA lately but life in a B-school is pretty hectic :-/
I wrote a poem while getting bored in a class yesterday that I thought I’ll share with you all πŸ˜€ Hope you all will enjoy reading it. Let me know what you think.

Here goes-

Jenny was watching her favourite show,
That she’d already watched thrice in a row,
There was Bran the monkey & Glenn the ghost,
But it was Rudy the owl that she loved the most.

Whenever her mum went to the market,
She’d rush to the television set,
To spend time with her virtual friends,
Whom she’d never really met.

Today was no different, the weather was good,
Her mother had gone out to buy some food,
Jenny jumped on the living room couch with glee,
She had said, “Aha! This is my time to see TV”.

She switched on the television, everything was going fine,
Right until the scene where her friends were to dine.
They had no food, not a thing to eat,
So they pulled Jenny in and got set for a treat.

Oh, the horror; Jenny felt in her chest,
She looked at Rudy for comfort and glanced at the rest,
But little Rudy was perched on Glenn’s shoulder,
Who looked pleased with the catch and was holding a boulder.

Jenny cried out loud and prayed for help, Glenn caught her by her hair, she gave out a little yelp,
Just when she thought she’s about to die,
She woke up from her dream and realised it was a lie.

But beside her bedpost was a small red cap,
The kind that Rudy wore when he was formulating a trap,
A pair of glasses was also by her side,
The ones that Glenn wore to improve his sight.

And just about then, she heard the back door creak,
She got frightened to the core and let out a shriek,
She jumped to her feet and ran to the door,
And then she ran and ran like never before…

Hope you all are doing great. Let me know how you found this! Like always, I’d love to hear from you ❀


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