Sad state of affairs, this!

Beaches… I love them! Definitely much much more than I love mountains πŸ˜› I have a few good memories attached to them and some not so good ones. But they’ve always been the place I’d always look forward to going and spending my time at, since time immemorial.
They are also one of the reasons why I miss Mumbai so much now that I’m put up in Ahmedabad. Yeah, I miss the beaches so damn much! 😦 I just hope wherever I end up staying in the future has a beach near it..

Given my love for the beaches and the sea, when I finally managed to come to Mumbai for a short visit, you can imagine how happy I was to set foot and feel my toes in the sand again.. However, today being Dusshera was probably the worst day I could have chosen to visit the Girgaum Chowpatty. Though on the upside I got to see the Ravana and the Ram Leela happening there, what hurt me the most was the excessive amount of crap thrown all around the place. With hundreds of people everywhere, eating, sitting and dirtying the place, the place looked like a huge dumping ground except that the rubbish floated in the Sea.


I tried to capture some good shots of the sea with my camera, but all I got instead was the garbage floating alongside the boats that gently swayed in the sea.

It’s ironic how only yesterday, people were talking about sweeping and cleaning the country’s lands and its waters on Gandhi Jayanti. It’s high time our country begins to keep a check on the exponentially growing and very much out of hand population and pollution everywhere.

Mr. Modi, I hope you’re listening!


2 thoughts on “Sad state of affairs, this!

  1. Always love to read your’s fun to watch Ramleela. So many colorful characters and music and vanar sena :p but as you mentioned about cleaniness it’s very true, people should take responsibility.


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