Kutch Kutch Hota Hai!

In my last post I had mentioned how I was planning to travel to Jaipur last month in order to begin my travelling account for the year. Well, it turned out that that didn’t happen. However, where I did go more than made up for the same.


You probably might have guessed where I went from the title but in case you didn’t then fret not,  I’ll let you in on the name of the destination as it is definitely no secret… My friends and I traveled to the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat! I had this on my bucket list since a long time and I am glad that I can finally cross it out now.

We stayed at a Hotel called Mangalam in Bhuj which was pretty decent although the food available here was quite expensive. To travel around the place, we hired a taxi which we found somewhere near the Bhuj bus stand.

The first day we covered Kalo Dungar, which is the highest point in Kutch and is 459 metres above the Rann.



This place offers a beautiful view of the entire Kutch and is an absolute must visit. From here one can see the white sands at one side and the sea on the other.


After this, we went to the white desert where we saw a Camel show that was on as part of the Rann Utsav and was being organised by the BSF.


The BSF officers performed various kinds of stunts while riding the camel and giving them company throughout was a commentator who was keeping everyone engaged and fascinated by his extremely enthusiastic narration of the entire event.

7 6

The desert was beautiful with the white sand being even more so.


Here, we watched the sun disappear into the horizon and it looked beautiful.


The rest of the day was spent just browsing through the various things available at the stalls that were set up outside as part of the Rann Utsav (we also had really amazing hot milk here that was served in kulhads/earthen pots)


We later found out that the market at Bhuj had the same stuff available at a much cheaper rate than what was being quoted at these stalls outside the White desert. So incase you do travel to Kutch during the Rann Utsav do not buy anything from these stalls if you have time to check out other places. In short, Rann (oops, Run :P) away from them as fast as you can!


The second and last day of our trip we went to Vijay Vilas Palace in Mandvi where several scenes of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam have been shot.


It was a beautiful palace to enter which we had to pay a nominal amount per person. Also incase you want to take your camera inside the premises, you will have to pay a certain amount depending on what kind of camera you have – phone, still or video.

12 11 10The last place we visited in Kutch was the Mandvi beach which honestly did not live up to my expectations (as do most of the beaches in India). It was quite dirty and there was a lot of crowd in the place which didn’t help make things better either 😦

But then again, it was much cleaner than the Juhu Beach in Mumbai…


We watched the sun set here and it was beautiful so I guess, going there surely wasn’t a complete waste of time and money. Plus, there were some windmills on the edge of the beach as well that made for a good spot for taking photographs 😛




Overall, the trip was awesome and I’m glad we went for it 🙂

Have you visited the Rann of Kutch? Where all did you go and what did you like the most in the place? I’d love to know 😀


11 thoughts on “Kutch Kutch Hota Hai!

  1. I’ve gone for the Rann Utsav….It was so beautifully planned …Serious credit to Modi for increasing tourism with Rann Utsav….THough we didnt get to see as many places as you did….. Next time I want to do a trip to Gir so tell me if you are up for it we can plan…


  2. Went to Rann of kutch last year, one of the most amazing places I have ever been to! And amazing pictures , great work! But having said all that, just one question..
    What exactly was your motivations behind this name? No I mean..seriouslY?


      1. Why would I be jealous? Because I couldn’t think of such a creative name or probably because I am not a Pani puri? 😛 😀
        Just kidding… nice blog 🙂


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