Dear Earth – Tea Tree Purifying Face Wash Review

Happy Earth Day everyone! 😀

On the occasion of Earth Day, I will be reviewing a product of a brand that has the word ‘Earth’ in its very name 😀 And the brand’s name is –

Dear Earth (obviously 😛 The title gave it away, didn’t it?)

This post has been due since a long time now… I had won a contest last year on this blog that I follow and had received this bottle of ‘Tea Tree Face Wash’ as a prize from (yes, you guessed it right!) the ‘Dear Earth’ folks. This felt almost like a new year’s gift to me, since the parcel containing it arrived in December… 🙂

The amazing people of ‘Dear Earth‘ requested me to share my feedback with them a couple of times but for some reason or the other I could never complete this post. However, since I got a little time to myself today, I finally decided to write about it!

I found this face wash rather interesting. It does seem to remove oil from my face quite well. The consistency of the face wash is very thin, because of this one needs to take care while pouring it out of the bottle.

Very less amount of the face wash is more than enough to cleanse your entire face. Because of this, a bottle of the ‘Tea Tree Face Wash‘ can easily last you for a number of months. (Mine still hasn’t got over! :D) This along with the fact that the product is completely organic makes it worth a try 🙂

I would have preferred if this face wash was more fragrant and the consistency was slightly more thick. Other than that, I quite like the product. However, I haven’t been blown off by it either since I didn’t find it to be completely out of the ordinary. Also, Rs. 500 for a 150 ml bottle is a little towards the expensive side but since the product will last you for a long time once purchased, if you do want to try out something new and 100% organic, I recommend you go for it!

I’ll list down the Pros and Cons of this product according to me.

Pros –

  • Organic
  • Good cleanser
  • One bottle of product will last you a long time

Cons –

  • Very thin consistency – the product is extremely runny
  • No obvious fragrance
  • Towards the expensive side (this gets nullified though since you need very less quantity of product for every wash)

I would rate it – 3/5. It is a good change from all the face washes that are filled with immense amounts of chemicals nowadays. However, I still feel that there is some scope for improvement left. Anyway, Good job Good Earth folks. Hope you continue making the Earth a better place to live in with your organic products and a very Happy Earth Day to you! 🙂

P.S. Have you guys used this or any of the other products from ‘Dear Earth’? Do let me know your experiences if you have! I’ll be looking forward to reading about them 😀


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