Villages of India – Maharashtra

I recently visited some villages around Nasik and ended up clicking a lot of photos there 🙂 I covered all these places in two visits that I went to within a span of a week.
The first visit was to a number of villages in the Mokhada region which is around 3 hours away from Mumbai. We went to three villages to be precise and their names were Pethe cha pada, Kurlodh and Mani cha pada.

Unfortunately as I have motion sickness which worsens in hilly regions (there were some hilly areas that we passed on the way), I ended up falling sick as well as having a headache almost the entire day and the day that followed. However, the photos I clicked kind of made up for it 😛

Village river shot
Random river shot at Mokhada

The villages at Mokhada seemed to be quite poor, neither did they have electricity nor all round the year running water supply. In fact, the women there go to an area in the village where they dig holes in the land and wait for water to collect. Imagine how torturous a task waiting would be when it’s terribly hot with the sun shining so strongly on top of your head (It was really hot the day we had gone too 😦 ) I felt really bad for the villagers. It’s a pity there are people around the world who have to struggle so much for basic necessities while we, the blessed ones continue to take things for granted.

Pit dug up by women for water
Pit dug up by women for water
Girl filling water
Woman filling water

I also visited a hospital near these villages and happened to see a number of terribly malnourished babies at the place. These sights were really heart breaking I was really happy to see that the sincerity with which the Siemens team was approaching issues in these villages and were trying their best to change the villagers’ lives for the better including water purifiers, building bunds and helping the hospital with ultrasound facilities.

Babies at the hospital
Babies at the hospital

After around 4 days of my previous visit to the villages mentioned previously, I visited another village called Amle which is a tiny hamlet near Mokhada. This village presented quite a contrasting picture as compared to my previously visited villages. It had electricity and running water, thanks to water pumps and purifiers along with solar panels provided to the place by Siemens. Honestly, I was quite impressed with the whole thing. The villagers now were able to grow vegetables on their own as well because of all round the year water availability.

Amle House
Amle House
Bridge on the way to Amle
Bridge on the way to Amle

I’m glad that companies such as Siemens are actually carrying out activities to help out the underprivileged and aren’t just fooling people by advertising about activities that they aren’t even going ahead with.

Since I’ve been interning at Siemens since around 2 months now, I got an opportunity to understand and observe many of the CSR activities that the company is a part of at the moment without even working in the department. Because of the very same reason, I had got a chance to visit these villages too in the first place as I am working on a digital campaign plan which required trips to these areas.

And btw, just to clear all doubts, writing this article wasn’t part of my internship, I wrote it of my own free will and without any payment (unfortunately! :P)

Here are a few more pictures that I took at Amle for you guys.

A young girl (her name was Bhuri) who seemed to love the camera
Bhuri, a young girl who seemed to love the camera
Yes, she's posing here! :P
Yes, she’s posing here! 😛
Sisterly love <3
Sisterly love ❤
A villager
A villager
Kids at Amle
Kids at Amle
I tweet all day long! (Ms. Twitter)
I tweet all day long! (Ms. Twitter)

Let me know how you find this post 🙂 Have you ever experienced rural India yourself?


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