Adventures at Alibaug…

A few weeks ago, I’d gone to Alibaug for a day trip with a friend during the weekend 🙂 Since there were just two of us, we decided to not stay back for the night. We travelled from Mumbai to Alibaug on a ferry and although it was very hot since it was Mid May then, the ride was otherwise fun until my problem of motion sickness kicked in 😦 The starting point of the ferries was from the Gateway of India.

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai
The Gateway of India
A statue in front of the Gateway of India

We reached Alibaug (Mandwa Port) in around an hour. The ticket price for the ferry was pretty decent and costed us Rs. 95 each with the transport from Mandwa till Alibaug Bus station included in the fare.

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and the Gateway of India as seen from the sea 🙂
This reminded me of the Dexter Morgan of the series Dexter 🙂 (people who have seen the series will get the reason why :P)
The Indian Navy Helicopter was taking rounds nearby
The Mumbai skyline! ❤
A Carrier vessel we saw on the Sea
A Carrier vessel we saw in the Sea

At Mandwa, we got into a bus that was provided by Ajanta, our ferry operator and travelling till the Alibaug Bus station took around an hour more. We got into an auto that agreed to take us to Nagaon beach for Rs. 200 (On our return journey, we had to pay Rs. 20 lesser for the same distance).

Lotuses growing in a pond at Alibaug
Meet Mr. Horse at Nagaon Beach! 🙂

Nagaon beach was a very nice beach. The best thing about it was that it was comparatively cleaner and more peaceful than the beaches in Mumbai. Adventure sport enthusiasts can also indulge in various activities such as Para sailing here. However, do layer up on loads of sun protection and keep a bottle of good branded sunscreen, lots of water and things such as hats etc. handy. I ended up getting severely tanned during the trip. In fact, my tan still hasn’t reduced despite the fact that we had visited the place almost 2 weeks ago :-/ Anyway, if you plan on going to Alibaug, try and stay there at least for a night and watch the sunset at a beach during your stay there. I’ve heard it’s beautiful and I’m planning to go back to the place to check it out for myself 🙂 If you have visited Alibaug, do leave a comment and let me know how your experience there was and what you liked the most about the place 😀 Here’s to a number of splendid tours and mind blowing places that lie in wait for us to explore them. Happy Travelling, you all! 😀


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