Day 1 in Udaipur – The City of Lakes

I recently visited Udaipur 🙂 I’d caught a Volvo bus from Ahmedabad at 6:20 am and reached Udaipur by around 11:30 am the same day.

The entire journey was fairly comfortable and quite scenic. The bus stopped in between at some place so we could have snacks etc.

En route to Udaipur

I had booked my stay at Zostel which not only was extremely convenient but also very affordable. The people there are amazing and always ready to help. It was a pleasure staying there 🙂 Apart from the fact that the rooms in Zostel are clean and well kept, another thing that’s awesome about Zostel is that it is right next to the Lake Pichola and the City Palace is at walking distance (which is one of the main attractions of Udaipur and hence, always buzzing with activity).

My room in Zostel

During my stay at Zostel, I shared my room with women of various nationalities – 4 Spanish and 1 Chinese. There was 1 silver haired lady (I liked to believe that she was somehow related to the Targaryen family :D) who seemed to be a recluse and didn’t interact much so I don’t know where she was from 😛

On my first day at Udaipur, I walked around a lot and tried discovering the city as much as possible on foot. First, I went to Cafe Edelweiss to have lunch. The food was good here, although the Vegetable Sandwich actually looked like a burger!

A good book and good food, what else does one want! 🙂
Yummy dessert ❤ ❤ I want to eat another already 😦

Next I went to an area which was overlooking the Pichola lake near the Bagore ki Haveli musuem. Obviously here, I ended up clicking a lot of pictures! 🙂

Kid playing an instrument near the Pichola Lake
A gate near the Pichola Lake
Lake Pichola

After spending some time next to the lake, Bagore ki Haveli was next on the list. I am not a very big fan of museums but this made for an interesting visit because of the view it offers of the Lake Pichola and area around it. Also, it has an entire room dedicated to life size puppets which was also fascinating to see.

Entrance of Bagore ki Haveli
Entrance of Bagore ki Haveli
Art at the entrance of Bagore ki Haveli
Art at the entrance of Bagore ki Haveli
View of the Lake Pichola from the terrace of the Haveli…
Life size puppets
Another big puppet with an equally big horse 😀
No one can defy the king, not even puppets! 😛
Courtesan puppets…
Inside Bagore ki Haveli…
One of the statues inside the Haveli
The view up from the courtyard
This is one of the rooms inside Bagore ki Haveli. I loved the beautiful coloured glass work in monuments throughout Udaipur.
Coloured Glass Windows – a closer look…
Another of the many rooms inside the Haveli


While walking on the streets, I spotted an arts shop that had arts classes available written outside it. So, I walked in and enrolled for one. The guy’s family was into painting since generations and his father (Mr. Kailash Jinger) was apparently the one responsible for a number of paintings in the city palace.

Paintings made by Mr. Kailash Jinger :)
Paintings made by Mr. Kailash Jinger 🙂
Mr. Kailash and his wife showing me his work 🙂 He and his family have decorated their entire house with interesting paintings
A painting they’ve made on the wall just outside their house
Another painting made by them outside the house
I made this at the arts class! 😀

After spending around 3 hours at the arts class, I walked over to Dudh Talai (Sunset Point). The walk was beautiful, I saw so many amazing things on the way! 🙂

So many Parrots on the tree! 😀
Parrots! 😀

IMG_2165 IMG_2168


There was a Nukkad Naatak (street play) going on there, on the importance of wearing an helmet (Agar sir nahin rahega toh hairstyle ka kya faayda – If you aren’t left with a head, what is the use of a good hairstyle?) 🙂


Also, the view was mesmerising here 🙂 I absolutely loved looking at the landscape during the sunset…

IMG_2182 IMG_2200 IMG_2211-001     IMG_2248

I had dinner at a restaurant called Nataraj which is famous for serving Rajasthani thalis here. The food was good but I thought there was a lack of variety (or probably I didn’t get half the food items because of it being a rush hour :-/). Items such as Daal Baati Churma were missing which is what I found extremely strange. These are things that people often associate with Rajasthani cuisine and to not get to try them was a little heartbreaking.


Anyway, after this I went back to the place I’d be calling my home for the next few days – Zostel to retire for the night 🙂



View of the Lake Pichola from Zostel's entrance <3
View of the Lake Pichola from Zostel’s entrance ❤
View from Zostel’s terrace restaurant of the Lake and the Taj Lake Palace

I’ll be writing about Udaipur for the next couple of days 🙂 This was just a summary of all I did on the first day there. A single blog post isn’t enough to cover all the awesomeness Udaipur is made of, which is why I decided on writing a couple of blog posts instead of one for the place.

Till then, Happy travelling! 🙂

P.S. Incase if any of you is interested in attending arts classes while visiting Udaipur, you can get in touch with Mr. Kailash Jinger by email – or at his place – 956, ‘Ashind ki Haweli’, Jagdish Chowk, Palace Road, Udaipur).


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