Udaipur – My 2nd and 3rd day at the place…

I started my second day at Udaipur with a breakfast on the terrace restaurant of Zostel while clicking pictures of the sights I saw around 🙂

Taj Lake Palace
View from the Zostel terrace restaurant

After breakfast, I went to this place called ‘Pap’s Juice Centre’ that served amazing juices and shakes 😀 The owner of the shop is super nice and extremely friendly. I had a pomegranate, mausambi and pineapple mix juice here (Don’t remember it’s name) and it was delicious. Unfortunately, I didn’t try the muesli here and read that he serves one of the best much later 😦 Do give it a try on your visit to Udaipur.


A number of visitors from across the globe leave him letters which he pins up on his pin up board, as can be seen on the left
Pappu, who owns the shop is an extremely amicable fellow and a magician with fruits 🙂

With my taste buds extremely satisfied, next I visited the City Palace. The entire campus is extremely huge and needs at least 3 hours to cover completely. I’m still not sure if I saw everything in there 😛


A number of beautiful flowers and fountains welcome you as soon as you cross the palace gates
The city through one of the palace window’s
Painting on the palace walls…
One of the palace rooms – full of mirrors and interesting colours
Loved these colourful windows of the palace 🙂
Another pretty window – for the days when you feel blue! 😛
Multicoloured room!
One of the palace courtyards 🙂

IMG_2481 IMG_2544 IMG_2557

After the visit to the city palace, I went to have lunch at a restaurant called ‘Millets of Mewar‘. This place serves food which is not only tasty but also extremely healthy.

I had a vegetable wrap here and a vegan Almond and Date shake. Both the things were really good but I loved the shake more. In fact because I really enjoyed the Almond and date shake, I ended up ordering another at the place.

Almond and Date Vegan Smoothie
Paneer Vegetable wrap (Don’t remember the exact name)

For shopping, I went to the city market, ‘Haathi Pole’ and bought some gifts for family and friends 🙂 Turns out the streets near City Palace charge almost 4-5 times the price of products you will get in the city market. So my advice would be that you don’t buy from there.

An elephant, varied sizes of camels and a peacock – all bought from Haathi Pole in Udaipur

Once I got done with shopping, I drove to the Fateh Sagar Lake. Watching the sunset here on your visit to Udaipur is an absolute must. The whole place is so calm and beautiful, it makes you forget all your worries 🙂

Horse riding is available for those who wished to indulge in it…

IMG_2599 IMG_2636 IMG_2663 IMG_2695

IMG_2689 IMG_2703

While looking at the sunset and feeling the breeze blow on your face, do sip on the amazing kulhad coffee that is available here. It is hot coffee available in a pot with chocolate sauce in it and tastes absolutely splendid.


The rest of the day was uneventful and the highlight of it for me was the Fateh Sagar Lake. I loved sitting and watching the sun set there and even cancelled my plan of going to Bagore ki Haveli for the cultural show that is held there every evening to sit near the lake for more time.

If you’re going to Udaipur, travelling from one place to another might be an issue. This is why, I had rented a scooter for Rs. 400 a day which made commuting from one place to another much easier.

On the last day I only went to a few cafes as I injured my ankle in the afternoon and had to catch a bus back to Ahmedabad early in the evening.

I had a Grilled Vegetable Sandwich along with a Coffee Hazelnut Frappe for breakfast at Cafe Satori.

20150808_093301 20150808_094143

And then I went to Jheel’s Ginger Coffee Bar and Bakery to satisfy my dessert cravings. I ordered a chocolate walnut brownie here which was pretty good. However, more than the brownie, I actually liked the cafe’s location. It is built right next to the lake so you can peacefully read a book or two while gorging on awesome food while you are here. This is exactly what I did! 😀


The view of the lake from the Cafe


The Chocolate Brownie 😀

After I was done with my breakfast, I roamed around the city on foot a little and when I was near Cafe Satori again, I fell and twisted my ankle :-/ After this incident, I ended up spending whatever was left of my entire day in Udaipur at the cafe.

This time, I ordered a white sauce pasta and a green tea here. Both were good and the pasta’s quantity was sufficient enough for two to have in one go.


After a few hours, I left Udaipur and boarded a bus back to Ahmedabad. I loved my trip there and would like to go to the city again sometime 🙂

Have you been to Udaipur yet? How was your experience?


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