From Asia to Croatia – Part 2

If you’ve read my previous post, you must be knowing that I visited Croatia this year and had a great time there. My stay at Zagreb was amazing and after staying there for a few days, I went visiting the Plitvice Lakes and Zadar.

The Plitvice Lakes are extremely breathtaking and an absolute must-visit when on a trip to Croatia. We booked a tour via a tour operator that my hostel had a tie-up with and left for the place pretty early in the morning. Unfortunately, the windows of the van in which we travelled to Plitvice didn’t open, so most of my pictures came out tinted.

We walked a lot during this trip, however, I didn’t mind it one bit as there was so much beauty around to keep me fascinated. Here, take a look at the pictures I clicked at Plitvice Lakes to decide for yourself 🙂

Doesn’t it look like a place straight out of dreamland? Midway through the trek, we had to board a ferry to take us to another island. There was an eatery also present at this point. We stopped here for some food before proceeding further. I also spotted some really cute ducks in this area (as you might have already seen in the pictures above :P).

After my visit to Plitvice, I boarded a bus to Zadar at around 5 pm and reached there by around 7 pm. An amazing thing about Croatia is that the days are long here. It is fairly bright even at around 10 pm which gives one more time to move around the country and explore places 🙂

By the time I reached Zadar and checked into my hostel, it was almost dinner time. This is why I decided to just visit the coast nearby to make the most out of whatever was left of the day and yes, I also booked a cruise to the Kornati islands for the next day 😀

The cruise started early in the morning and the view throughout was extremely beautiful.

We got down at Kornati islands for a short while. We were given sometime here to lie and just laze around. The beach here is covered with a mix of sand and pebbles and the water is crystal clear.

After our stop at Kornati, we boarded our cruise ship again and this is when, unfortunately, I experienced what I had been facing all throughout my trip in Croatia – the troubles of being a vegetarian.

Food and drinks were included in the trip fare. However, there were no vegetarian options available. As I had informed the authorities while booking a seat that I will be requiring a vegetarian meal, they served me grilled brinjal during the cruise. The unfortunate thing however was that as they had used the same grill and possibly some non vegetarian oil while preparing it, the brinjal had a strong smell that resembled the smell of a grilled fish.

Thankfully, I had met a Chinese lady settled in Germany during this cruise who very eagerly requested me to let her finish off the brinjal (she absolutely loved it too! :P).

After a couple of hours at sea we finally reached our last stop, which was another island – Ugljan. This is where although everyone trotted off to have some icecream and walk around, I instead decided to feast myself at this pretty restaurant that I found near the coast.

Although the restaurant didn’t really have any vegetarian risotto on the menu, however, they agreed to make it for me and what I was served in the end was absolutely delicious 🙂

After this, our ship took us back to Zadar where I just walked around the city and took in all the many pretty sights it had to offer. Sadly, I twisted an ankle on my way to the coast which ended up making me late to reach in time for the sunset 😦

This city is beautiful in it’s own way. It’s even lesser populated than Zagreb and has a lot of water (which I love <3). As the sea organ installed at the coast of Zadar was under repair, I couldn’t hear it play. You can hear it here though. It’s an instrument (series of 35 organ pipes) installed in the sea that plays music by the motion of the sea waves on it.

Zadar also has a sun salutation installation at the coast (also seen in the video) which is basically a solar panel which is 22 metres in diameter and is formed from a number of multi-layered glass panels, under which there are a series of solar cells. These solar cells absorb the sun’s energy throughout the day and convert it into electricity and hence, you can see a series of bright colourful lights here after sunset.

Here’s a video of Zadar that I came across which you might want to check out 🙂 As I was running short of time, I left this beautiful city the next morning as I was supposed to catch a flight back to India. However, this blog post will be incomplete without mentioning the amazing hostel that I lived in at Zadar – Hostel Elena.

The guy who runs this place (see pic below) was super friendly and an absolute pleasure to meet. Due to some misunderstanding during my stay here, the cleaning staff threw away my bag of bathing essentials and he went out of his way to buy all the stuff for me to make up for the loss.

If I ever visit Zadar again, I’ll surely stay here and you must too 🙂

Here are some shots that I took on my way back to Zagreb from Zadar. Excuse the shadows and tints in some of the pictures as I was taking shots from the window of a moving bus. I would love to go on a road trip and drive across the country myself someday 🙂 I will definitely cover Split and Dubrovnik during that trip as well.

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Have you ever visited Croatia? How was your experience if you have? 🙂 Do share, I’d love to know.


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    1. My pleasure 😊 Well, Pasta, Pizza and Risotto are widely available at Croatia so I’m guessing their eating habits are similar to Italians, probably because of Croatia’s proximity to Italy. Apart from this, breads and burgers of all kinds were also easy to find. Unfortunately however, majority of the dishes had some kind of meat in them which kept me from trying them 😦

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