My Journey to Jaipur

So, I’d gone to Jaipur in August last year and although we ended up staying at a hostel (Le Pension Backpackers’ Hostel) that we didn’t like much, our trip there was pretty good in totality 🙂

One of my friends joined me on this trip that was initially going to be a solo trip for me. We planned out our trip in such a way that it was spread over 3 days or so.

Day 1 – We caught a Shatabdi train from Delhi early morning and got down at Jaipur around 4 and a half hours later. Since, by the time we checked in and got ready half the day was over, we decided to only visit nearby places on this day.

We started with Hawa Mahal where there was a coin exhibition on the ground floor and then moved further up to enjoy the view of the entire Jaipur city from top.

While we were perched high up at Hawa Mahal, we heard some commotion on the lower floor and saw that a small kid was urinating in the fountain area inside the Mahal. Security was running towards him and asking his mother who had ventured ahead to make the kid stop, however the mother took her own sweet time and by the time she finally made her way to the kid, the young lad had done his business. This incident was amusing yet saddening at the same time.

Anyway, after this we decided to check out the Jaipur market or ‘Johri Bazaar’ as it is called, but unfortunately, most of this market was closed on this day due to some reason.

We decided to have our dinner and retire for the night after this but not before we savoured some amazing Rabdi at Mahaveer Rabdi Bhandar which is a small shop within the old city.

Day 2 – The next day we decided to cover all the many forts that were at a distance from the city – Amer, Nahargarh and Jaigarh Forts and so hired a cab to go the distance. You can see a palace called Jal Mahal on the way, however it is closed for public so you can only look at it from the main road and marvel at it’s beauty from a distance.

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We went to the Amer Fort first and since it was almost lunch time by the time we reached and keeping in mind that there was a lot of walking to be done in the next few hours, we decided to eat first. An extremely innocent decision of walking into this cafe that we saw there – The Stag Cafe turned out to be one of the best decisions that we made in our entire trip to Jaipur.

There are restaurants that have good food while there are some restaurants that have a good ambience, this amazing place had both!

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Do visit this place for sure on your visit to Jaipur. The staff is also super nice here, everything together making this cafe an absolute must visit.

Anyway the Amer Fort is huge and it took us a long time to cover everything (almost 2-3 hours). Here are some shots that I took there 🙂 –

Btw, here’s a little trivia – The song ‘Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya’ from ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ was shot at the Sheesh Mahal of Amer Fort. You can see the Mahal in one of the pictures above 🙂 I don’t have much to say about these forts since they all look the same to me usually, however, it is the scenery and nature that actually appeals to me at these places along with the living proof that so much of our history is still alive amongst us!

We went to the Jaigarh Fort after this, there wasn’t much that interested me here inside, as it had on display mostly stuff like huge utensils, furniture of the royal times. However, it was the view that one could see from the open areas of the fort that actually fascinated me. Take a look at it for yourself 🙂 You could see the Amber fort, a water reservoir and the hills all at the same time.

This fort also houses the world’s largest cannon on the wheel as can be seen in the images above. If possible, try sitting here and just looking at nature for a while, it makes for a very calming experience and makes you appreciate life all the more.

Our final stop for the day was at Nahargarh Fort. By the time we reached here, we hardly had any time left so we had to rush through. The central area of this fort has what is called the Madhavendra palace which was the king’s residence and nine similarly constructed apartments for the king’s nine queens.

We had ended up hiring our Ola driver for the entire day when we went visiting these forts. Since these areas had network issue, while travelling with him we decided to strike a deal so we don’t find ourselves without conveyance later.

However, my suggestion would be to hire a bike/two-wheeler and travel especially on the day you’ve set aside for visiting these forts. It will not only be convenient but also way more affordable.

For dinner, our cab driver took us to Rajasthani Thali Wala, a restaurant in the Pink City that served really mouth watering Rajasthani Thalis. Their amazing lassi called Ghamandi Lassi will definitely not disappoint either and will live upto it’s name and turn you Ghamandi so much so that you wouldn’t want to share your lassi with anyone at all 😛

Day 3 – Our next day was our last full day at Jaipur in which we covered as many places as we could within the city. We started with Jantar Mantar and since none of us are into astronomy, this turned out to just be a number of huge figures that made little sense after a while :-/

So, after quickly going through everything here, we proceeded towards the city palace. These two places are at walking distance from each other so it makes sense to plan visiting all of them together.

The visit to the city palace was nice. I especially loved the many beautiful similar yet unique doors in the palace. The palace also has innumerable royal goods on display. One of them being the Gangajali (Silver jar) which is considered to be the largest silver object in the world as per the Guiness Book of World Records.

Our last stop after we covered everything and still had time to spare was at a beautiful garden called ‘Sisodia Rani ka Bagh’. After reaching this place, we realised how good this place was for all kinds of lovers.

So if you’re with your lover and want to indulge in some PDA, you should definitely give this place a visit as it is calm, serene with hardly anyone around except nature and beautiful flowers on all sides.

And if, you’re a lover of peace and silence and happen to be alone or with another person you don’t share any romantic interest in (as was the case with me), even then this place is amazing and a must visit. The guards here were a little weird and creepy though and kept staring at us a lot throughout the time we were here. I hope that was for security reasons and not due to any other reason, however, after sometime we got creeped out and since, it was getting dark, we decided to head back to our hostel anyway.

Still, try visiting this garden for sure especially if you love nature and peace. I, for one, would have loved to meditate (or atleast try to meditate :P) here during dawn, however, I didn’t get the good fortune of doing so plus since this place is a little away from the main city, I don’t even think doing that would be advisable.

Next, we just saw the Albert Hall Musuem from outside since our student passes didn’t work for the evening shift at the musuem, we decided against going inside as neither of us were exactly interested in musuems.

For dinner, we went to a really cool place called Tapri. It had a very fascinating ambience and a number of different types of tea and snacks available.

The menu was designed like an old school file and the dishes were unique too. In fact, one of the dishes here which according to our waiter was best selling here – Tadka Maggi, reminded me of the Onion Tadka Maggi that was super popular in my college MICA as well 🙂

Day 4 – The next morning we left for Delhi and bid the pink city goodbye. Although for some reason, I kept comparing my trip here with Udaipur (which I have to admit I enjoyed travelling much more), still this trip was great in it’s own way and was a much much needed break from my daily routine.

P.S. My phone had screwed up after I returned from this trip and I lost all photos that I’d clicked via it (majority of them were restaurant pics), hence, pardon the fact that there are no restaurant/food photos in this post. I will, however, update this post shortly as soon as my fellow traveller+friend shares some photos with me to give you a much better idea about the food we ate and the restaurants here 🙂

P.P.S. Going to Kasol, Tosh and Malana next week for my birthday 😀 Super excited, wish me luck and if you’ve visited these places yourself, do send some tips my way ❤

Until next time… Khamma-Ghani (Goodbye in Rajasthani 😀 )


12 thoughts on “My Journey to Jaipur

  1. I’ve recently moved to another city, and I’ve been driving a lot lately. In order to have a decent internet connection, Jio is the only one to rescue. I imagined myself uploading so many pictures and reaching the threshold of 1GB per day after which speeds slow down to excruciating abyss and this thought shook me 😀

    That said, loved Jaipur! And you’d love the places you’re going to visit next (I hope). I’ve lived in Himalayas of Himachal all my life.


    1. 🙂 Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Where have you shifted to recently? 😀 I can totally get your ‘Jio coming to the rescue’ comment. I have been living off Jio since the past many months now, my WiFi sucked, so I got that disconnected. Btw, where in Himachal have you stayed? I’ve heard that state is beautiful. I’ve never visited it before.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah! Then you are going to love it even more. I’ve mostly lived in the southern parts of Himachal and Shimla. I got my engineering degree, lots of lifelong friends, basketball fever and love for poetry from NIT Hamirpur, which is in the east of HP. I’ve roamed around here and there. College being a forested campus was all the more fun, and most of the Himachal was equidistant from college because it’s kinda in the middle.

    I’ve got a four-year senior to me. His name is Tarun, and he visits, peaks and passes of Himachal very few people have. Hardcore, self-made Mountaineer. He jams his experiences on

    I shifted from Bangalore to Chandigarh temporarily, left my job to do the things I want to do, I thought if not now then when.


      1. I’m making an Alumni web app with killer features. It’s needed because NIT Hamirpur, being relatively remote, suffers from companies not visiting there for several reasons, mainly because of the location being so far from their HQs or offices. I figured that a weak Alumni Connection was the problem. It’s a long story, which I tried to summarise on a very awkward and long rant on this webpage:

        Preferably open it on laptop/computer, it’s a messed up website which I made over a weekend when I was just starting as a web dev. Click the cycle icon if you want to save yourself from some awesome but looooooonnnng rant. I’d give you a virtual pastry if you dared see the rant.

        And hopefully, and that hope is very far fetched, monetise this so that colleges give me money to set it up for them.

        Let’s see where it goes.


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