Himachal Highs – Tosh

Well, this post is going to be short and hopefully, sweet 😛 It was my birthday, the birds chirped loudly to wake us up, the trees were greener, the world was brighter and everyone around was happier with a big smile on their faces 😀 Ok, well that didn’t actually happen but then I wished it had!

The day started with us going to our favourite cafe in Kasol for breakfast – Jim Morrison Cafe. The food here is tasty and the ambience is amazing too. Check the pictures out to see the place 😀

We left for Tosh after lazing around at Kasol for a bit. At Tosh, we found some snow lying around as well but a little more than what we saw at Malana.

I finally got to make my own version of snow man here. Or should I say snow owl/pig? Coz what I made ended up looking more like an animal than a man 😛

We stopped for a while to have Maggi with tea at a small local eatery after which we proceeded to the waterfalls in Tosh. The view was breathtaking throughout.

After approximately half an hour of walking and climbing up and down the hill, we finally reached the waterfall. It was a little bit of a let down as it wasn’t that huge a waterfall plus there was a lot of crowd sitting around at the place.

Since we were getting late to catch our cab back to Kasol and also as a few creepy guys were constantly trying to talk to me despite me clearly showing my disinterest, we didn’t stay back for long.

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Here are some more views of the mountains that we saw along the way 🙂 –

We ended the day with a hearty meal at Evergreen cafe. The food here is finger licking good and although one guy among the staff here talks a lot, (which can be annoying at times especially when you are in search of a quiet time) however, the fact that he means well and is usually busy helps.

The next day was the last day of our trip, as we decided to chill on this day and didn’t have much to do, we ended up walking all the way from Kasol to Manikaran instead. However, we took our own sweet time in doing so and took in all the sights around us as we did.

The road from Kasol to Manikaran is very scenic, it has the river Parvati running on one side all throughout and mountains rising up on the other.

Unfortunately, the trip finally came to an end with us having to catch a local bus back to Bhuntar that day, early evening. Thankfully, we had left well in advance as because of a lot of traffic, it took us almost two and a half hours to reach Bhuntar, the same distance had taken us one and a half hours when we’d travelled from Bhuntar to Kasol earlier.

It was a very memorable trip, however like every trip I’ve ever been to, it felt short and I wanted to stay back at this beautiful place forever. We even discussed quitting our corporate jobs, staying back and taking up farming here instead 😛

As you might have guessed, we didn’t stay back and came back to Delhi in the end. But then, we leave to return, for if we didn’t go, the journey would never happen again and we don’t want that, do we? 🙂


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