Tripping on Triund

This post has been long due. After we went to Bir, Billing (read previous post), we proceeded for Triund the next day. Our trek began early morning after breakfast and it was a lot of fun especially since on our way up midway, a hailstorm began.


Halfway through the trek, there is this point called “Magic View”, do stop here for a cup of tea and amazing view πŸ™‚

Although the whole climb became slightly tricky after the hailstorm started as it got a little slippery, I was more concerned about my camera getting spoilt. However, this didn’t stop me from enjoying the weather conditions and I ended up going crazy jumping around amidst the hailstones right after we had stopped for a while in front of a shop and enjoyed a cup of extremely hot chai (tea).

The view once we reached the top was amazing! Exactly what dreams are made of πŸ™‚ Check out the pics below to know what I’m talking about.

The view at the top

We were to camp here the following night and the whole idea was so fascinating. And although it turned out that we’d miscalculated how cold it’s going to be up there, it was totally worth it (Tip – If you do go to Triund and especially if you plan to stay there for the night, DO take plenty of warm clothes with you, it’s usually very cold here).

This entire area was so beautiful, although, unfortunately a lot of tourists had also managed to dirty the place with all kinds of waste (plastics and the likes) which was extremely sad to see. I hope people travel more responsibly whenever they do otherwise there’s it’s better that they don’t go anywhere at all.

Anyway, I had been aiming to capture the night sky and lightning since ages. Triund gave me the perfect opportunity to do so πŸ™‚ And although since I had not carried my tripod along and had to rest my tripod on rocks to take shots which resulted in scratches on my camera, I’m definitely not complaining.

Early next morning, I woke up early (around sunrise) as I wanted to soak in as much of Triund as possible before we descended. In a while, a few others joined me and we climbed a little further to a place which had cave type formations and also many buddhist flags tied up πŸ™‚ You can see the shots I took at around this time.

Shortly after this, we started our descent after having breakfast and grabbing all our possessions. It was a marvellous experience and although there are no well kept and properly functional toilets out here which is a major problem, it’s a must-do trek overall. There are a few shops near the camping site as well that will ensure your tummy stays full and you in turn stay extremely satisfied, however, they close at night.

Have you visited Triund? πŸ™‚ If you have, do let me know how your experience was of the place. I’d love to know.


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